Photon Wizards is a company selling art made by professional photographers.

This is not your typical professional photographer - we don't do weddings, yearbook portraits, or any of that mundane stuff.  In fact, we're not too keen on human subjects in general.

Think more along the lines of stunning landscapes, architecture, nature, sports, cityscapes, and such.

Photon Wizards is comprised of master photographers and masters of computational photography, colliding to make stunning works of art. 

HDR's, pano's, focus stacking, and light painting are tools in our toolkit, but not as a gimmick.  You'll find old school traditional one exposure shots here too.  The subject and the conditions determine the path to the final image. 

Here we make stuff to hang on your wall and be inspired by - not put in a book and forgotten. 


Photon Wizards is a small group of tight knit photographers and editors.  Our photographers are capable of creating stunning journalistic images (as seen through the lens, with no post production) and our editors can create realistic images starting with a blank digital canvas. When collaborating, the result is unique, stunning art.


Photon Wizards strives to makes art.  Stuff to hang on your wall and be inspired by - not put in a book and forgotten.  Ultimately, only history will be able to judge if we have succeeded. 


We're a relatively new company.  We started selling finished products via a few local partners with storefronts in 2013.  About a year after we finally launched this site. 


We are based in Livingston County, NY.  You'll find the area well represented here.  That said, we'll travel just about anywhere if the end result will be the perfect combination of art and profit. 


We enjoy the process of creating what we create.  We also derive  joy from sharing it.  Gear and software cost money, and time has value as well.  We believe there is an opportunity for a symbiotic relationship between Photon Wizards and you, our would be, past, and current customers.  You get art that will enrich your lives, we get affirmation that our efforts are appreciated and resources to continue creating more.